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My Market Report

MLS Estimate Range

{MLS Estimated Value Low:3} – {MLS Estimated Value High:4}

Zillow’s Estimated Market Value: {Zestimate 2:16}

MPLS Potential Commission Savings: {Comp Broker:5}

Property Address
{Address (Street Address):2.1}
{Address (City):2.3}, {Address (State / Province):2.4}
{Address (ZIP / Postal Code):2.5} {Address (Country):2.6}

Current Market Trends/Info
Area Median Price: {Area Median Value:10}
Price Per SqFt: ${Price Per SqFt:11}
Properties for Sale: {For Sale:12}

With our 1% Listing Side Commission, we save our sellers 40% SAVINGS on average in comparison to the standard 6% commission structure of competing brokerages. We guarantee the lowest commission in the industry and NEVER cut corners for our clients.

635 SE 9th Street #235
Minneapolis, MN

T: 612-353-5771
E: info@mplsresidential.com